We, A Plus Group LLC, a Boston-based growing residential real estate development and investment company, are looking to partner with a prospective foreign investor to expand our operations in the Boston metropolitan area of Massachusetts, USA, while providing the investor with the unique opportunity to:

1. Receive the US Permanent Residency (Green Card) for him/her, spouse, and all unmarried children under the age of 21 within 2 years.

2. Diversify into low-risk residential real estate development market and earn from 15% to 20% annual return interest on the invested capital.

The key advantage of our offer is that the prospective investor receives a real share of interest in the venture and has full control over it at all times. While the alternative offer to invest in the regional business immigration center does exist, it virtually allows investor to just “buy” the Green Card and bounds him/her to spend 6 months out of every year for 3 years in the US. Yet our offer allows investor to both earn good return on the investment and plan his/her future with no drastic changes in his/her life today.