We offer you a share of our company, with which you will take part as an active managing member alongside with us. This will be a real, active business establishment, but not a fictitious venture. You will have to commit upto U.S. $ 1 million to the company for a period of 2 years and will receive 15% – 20% annual return on the invested capital. The Company’s purpose will be:

1. To create the required conditions for you in order to obtain the Green Card
2. To capitalize on satisfying stable demand for luxury contemporary homes and apartments in the affluent areas of Boston.

We have over 23 years of combined experience in construction and real estate development market in Boston and can personally guarantee the success of our company. Utilizing our combined knowledge of the Boston real estate market and construction expertise, as well as engaging our local connections and proprietary resources, the Company acquires residential real estate properties with a great potential for rehabilitation and development, improves them, and then re-sells them.

Our business model is set up in such a way as to:

1. Allow you to co-own and operate your own business in the USA.

2. Allow you to have full control over your invested capital at all times throughout the 2-year period.

3. Allow you to withdraw from the partnership with all your invested capital and interest after you receive Green Card, or to extend the terms of cooperation.

All legal, administrative, and financial aspects of establishment and further operation of the Company will be set forth in the Company’s Operating Agreement.